Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hello from Big Bro & Little Bro!

Hi Friends!
Our real names are not Big Bro and Little Bro, that is just our nicknames on social media.  
Here are some things about us:

Big Bro
12 years old.
My Thoughts for Today:
All animals are awesome, especially my dog Elliott, and my fish, Tokyo!
I helped draw some of Figgy's friends.
I love to read, watch sci-fi movies, and make things out of cardboard and duct tape! My favorite dog that I created for our Figgy blog is:

My Three Favorite Giving Projects:
Making board games and educational materials for others to help them learn
Visiting people at the nursing home and bringing them cards and homemade gifts to make them smile
Sending care packages to people who are lonely  What I've Learned about Giving: 
Anyone can give if you give from your heart! I love doing projects to help others and have also learned that there are many forms of giving.

Little Bro
9 years old
My Thoughts for Today:
I love getting to play outside, even when it is windy!
I love to build with LEGO and I also love to draw and had fun drawing several of the dog friends for Figgy.My Favorite Drawing of a Dog that I Drew for this Blog is:
Rocky (I love how Rocky looks because he reminds me of a mix of my real dog, Elliott, with my grandparent's dog, Bree.)

My Three Favorite Giving Projects:
Going to the Dream Center to find out about their program
Helping make things to give to others
Organizing things for our community like our Cardboard Challenge What Giving has Taught Me:
Giving is a way to help others and to show them love.

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